How to Find a Lost Pet

Losing a pet can be like losing a member of the family. What do you do when your dog or cat goes missing? Here are a few simple tips to help find your lost pet.

1. Always keep a collar and up-to-date tags on your pet. If someone finds your pet, it makes it much easier to contact you. To go one step further, have your pet microchipped. In the event that your pet loses its collar, the microchip will always be there if your pet is found.

2. Contact local humane societies and shelters and file a lost pet report. In the event that your pet is found and picked up by animal control officers, the shelter will know that you are looking for a lost pet.

3. Search the neighborhood. Walk the neighborhood daily and talk with friends and neighbors who might have seen your lost pet.

4. Put up posters. Make a lost pet poster, and post them in the local grocery store and around the neighborhood. You can also put an ad in the local newspaper or on the radio.

5. Don’t give up! Some pets have been lost for months or even years, but still find their way back to their owners.


2 thoughts on “How to Find a Lost Pet

  1. You might want to check out this website. It helps people make and distribute lost pet posters to everyone to help in the search. I know of someone who used this service and it worked fast.

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