Why Adopt a Pet From a Shelter?


Why would you want to adopt a pet from a shelter when you can get a purebred pet instead? Many people have the misconception that shelter animals are problem animals, however, in most cases, this is not true. Many of the animals in a shelter are either lost or surrendered by their families because of a move or that they are unable to care for their pet.

Adopting from a shelter gives you the chance to save a life. Thousands of animals are euthanized every year because there are simply not enough loving homes for them to go to. Not only do you get the satisfaction of saving a life, but you get a wonderful pet too! Shelter pets, most of the time, are spayed or neutered before adoption as well as wormed and have their first set of shots. The adoption fee that you pay covers the costs of these services, a fee far less than what you might pay to get a pet from a breeder or pet store.

Another benefit is that you can also choose a pet by age. So if you want a dog, but don’t want a puppy, you can choose an older dog. Also, if you want a purebed dog, you can get one or you can get a mutt. Most shelters have a large variety of dogs, cats and other animals that are available for adoption. If you decide to get a mature pet, you can have a better idea of the animal’s temperament, and you know the animal’s adult size, hair coat, color, etc. Additionally, many older animals are already house-trained and may even have some basic obedience training.

So before you head off to the breeder, check out your local humane society, pound, shelter or rescue group, you might just find the perfect pet!


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