I ran across a few places talking about a new service being offered, pet rental. They are marketing pet rental to those who live in places that don’t allow pets, that travel too much to have a pet or that can’t afford a pet. For a price, you can rent a pet for a day or a week or however long you want.

Sure, it sounds good in theory, be a part-time pet parent, but what will it do to the dog? Most dogs require a schedule and adhere to routine, how can a dog cope with being bounced around from family to family everyday? Sure it’s good for the people, but what about the dog?

The company that is offering this service, Flex Petz, touts their biggest thing is that the are rescuing animals. By getting their rental dogs from shelters, they are “saving a life.” Is it really a life to be passed around from person to person only when they feel like “having a dog?”

What do you all think about renting a pet? Tell us your opinions!


2 thoughts on “Rent-a-Dog??

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