Do Pets Dream?

Do pets dream? Of course they do! Pets, like humans have similar sleep patterns. In fact, most mammals experience the same kinds of sleep patterns.

The first stage of sleep is a light sleep. In this stage your pet will breath regularly and can be easily awakened. This stage occurs after a period of drowsiness where your pet will lay with its eyes half closed and relaxed.

The second stage is a deeper sleep known as slow wave, or Delta sleep. This stage is characterized by Rapid Eye Movement (REM). During REM, your pet’s eyes will move rapidly, even though its eyelids are closed. This is the stage where dreaming occurs. When your pet is dreaming his paws may twitch, ears may move and there might even be some muffled barking or chirping. Your pet will go in and out of this stage through the night.

So if pets do dream, what do they dream about? Human dreams are based on our lives and played up by our imaginations. Does that mean your pet has an imagination too? It could be possible. Have you ever seen your pet chase something that isn’t really there? Maybe it’s imagination or maybe not, only your pet can tell you for sure!

What do you think your pet dreams of? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!


One thought on “Do Pets Dream?

  1. wgunderson says:

    I think it’s cute when they are sleeping, and their paws twitch or the whiskers wiggle. Always makes me think they are dreaming about the “Great Chase”.

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