How To Read Pet Food Labels — Part 4

Feeding Directions

Feeding directions guide pet owners on the amount of food that is recommended to feed their pets. However, these recommendations are based on the average dog or cat and may not be suitable for every pet. Actual amounts that your pet should consumer vary between species, breed, temperament and activity level. The most accurate way to determine how much to feed your pet would be to look at the calorie statement. The calorie statement tells the amount of calories in a suggested serving of the food. You can use this as a rough guide in determining the amount of food your pet can consume.

To find out the proper amount to feed your pet, your best bet is to work closely with your veterinarian. Your veterinarian can more accurately determine the amount of food your pet should be eating each day. He may also recommend a feeding pattern such as twice-daily or free feeding.


3 thoughts on “How To Read Pet Food Labels — Part 4

  1. You make a good point here. Serving sizes, just like with humans, is based on recommendations for the “average” pet but each dog or cat has his/her own unique needs which need to be carefully determined based on the factors you listed.

  2. Chris says:

    Common sense goes a long way! I’m glad to see that someone else shares the same view…Labels can be very difficult to understand, but thankfully there are many great dog foods available today…my dogs prefer Laughing Dog Holistic pet food.

  3. Reading labels can be confusing and time-consuming but a necessary “evil” to make sure your dog or cat is getting the right food and amount for his unique needs. I rely on the expert, our vet, to advise on what is right for each of our dogs and cats.

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