The Farley Foundation Helps 1,000th Pet Owner

The Farley Foundation, a charitable organization run by Ontario veterinarians subsidizes the cost of veterinary care for pet owners in need, helped its 1,000th pet owner and pet on Monday.The Farley Foundation Logo

The Farley Foundation is named after the famed sheepdog from the comic strip, For Better or For Worse. The beloved English sheepdog was a member of the comic strip’s Patterson family, and died while attempting to save April Patterson, who had fallen in a ravine.

Established in 2001 by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA), the Farley Foundation assists seniors (in receipt of the Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement), disabled persons (in receipt of the Ontario Disability Support Payment or the Federal CPP Disability Benefit) to access emergency veterinary treatment for their pets. In May, 2007, funding was extended to assist women at risk of abuse who have fled to a women’s shelter and whose pets are being cared for through OVMA’s SafePet Program.

What a wonderful program to help pets and pet owners! Pets are our faithful companions and we need to provide them with the care they need to live happy, healthy lives. We all know unexpected things come up; Fido gets loose and gets hit by a car or Fluffy accidently falls from a window sill. It is so nice to see that someone is out there to help when something unexpected happens.


4 thoughts on “The Farley Foundation Helps 1,000th Pet Owner

  1. What a great idea. All people, especially the elderly need their pets, and most often times, they can’t afford a large vet bill. Kudo’s for the Farley Foundation!

  2. Lissa says:


    You can contact your local humane society or shelter and as them how you can help them out. Then you can organize a drive for the items that the shelter needs and go from there. Or you can have a drive for donations to help those that can’t afford pet care.


  3. Jessica South says:

    i was wondering if there was anyway i could get finacial aid for my boyfriends vet bill or if u knew of any foundation that could help us because my boyfriend got into a car accident while he was on his was home from arizona and he had his dog virus with him and she ended up having a broken back from the accident and the bill is going to be 5 thousand dollars. some friends from arizona helped get the down payment which was $2,500. she is at the uc davis medical center for small animals and today they are supposed to preform the surgery but we have to come up with at least $2,500 more and we don’t know how we are going to do it. we are trying everything we can but we are kinda stuck. the first vet we went to said they couldn’t do anything and that we had to put her down but my boyfriend wouldn’t do it because the dog was his brothers before it was his but his brother passed away 5 months ago and his brothers dogs are the only thing he has left to remind him of his brother so he doesn’t want to loose her and he wants to do everything he can to save her. please we need help.


    Lake county, C.A

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