Fences make good neighbors, but what is a good fence?

So you’re thinking about getting a puppy or adopting a dog from the local shelter, but you don’t have a fence in your yard. What to do?

Your new fence will need to be high enough to prevent jumping over, although a well trained dog that is raised with a certain height of fence, in many cases will view it as a barrier and won’t try to escape. If your dog takes to digging around the fence, you may want to install concrete around the base of the fence to prevent escape.

Building a fence can be a costly and time-consuming task, so here are a few basic options for fencing.

Wooden Privacy Fence
Most privacy fences are 4-6 feet tall and you can purchase them in 8 foot sections that are pre-assembled, so all you have to do is set the post and get to nailing. This type of fencing provides the most privacy for you, but doesn’t give your dog much a a view.

Chain Link
Chain link fencing is a good option if you don’t want to obstruct your view too much. The openness of a chain link fence also allows your dog a view of the world beyond the yard. Although it is a little more expensive than the traditional wooden privacy fence, it is easy to install and lasts much longer. It typically comes in rolls 25-100 feet long and you can get it in heights of 4-6 feet.

Welded Wire Fencing
Welded wire fencing is similar to chain link fence, but it is a square pattern instead of a diamond pattern. It is best used for a temporary barrier or for keeping your dog out of the garden. You can purchase welded wire fencing in heights of 3-6 feet and in 25-50 foot rolls.

Vinyl Fencing
Vinyl fencing is a fairly new type of fencing. You can get the look of wood with a maintenance-free, long lasting vinyl fence. It doesn’t rot or fade, making it a great choice to replace that picket fence in your front yard. It is also available in different types, such as privacy, picket or shadowbox (shadowbox uses alternating panels across the front and back to give the fence the same view on both sides).

Polymer Fencing
Polymer fencing is a new fencing that is available now. It looks just like wrought iron, classy, elegant and non-obtrusive. It doesn’t block the view and gives a whole new meaning to fencing. It is low-maintenance and easy to install.

Snow fencing
Although snow fencing will work good in a pinch, I wouldn’t recommend it as a permanent fixture. It is much to flexible and easily damaged. A large dog would have no problem taking down the fence and going on a romp through the neighborhood.

Electronic Pet Containment Fencing
Electronic pet containment fencing (EPCF) consists of a thin wire, a transmitter and a collar. This provides containment without the visible fence. As your dog approaches the barrier, it is given an audible warning beep. When the dog gets to close or crosses the barrier, the collar administers a slight shock. EPCF can cover areas up to 25 acres and when used with proper training can be a good containment option for your pet. Without proper training though, this can prove to be more complicated than putting up a traditional fence.

As you can see there are many quality options for fencing, choosing one that fits within your budget and taste is easy! So get your fence up and rescue a shelter dog today!


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