Is Pet Insurance Right for You?

You would never dream of allowing your children to go without medical coverage, but what happens if your pet is suddenly hit by a car or gets ill? Veterinary bills quickly pile up and you’re left with a financial burden that you hadn’t planned or budgeted for.

Your pet is part of your family, so wouldn’t you want to be able to give him the best care possible. Just like health insurance for humans, pet insurance helps you do so. Keeping your pet healthy and happy is as simple as spending a few dollars a month to cover any major medical issues that might come up.

Many pet insurance plans cover anything ranging from heart worm preventatives to major surgery. With the rising cost of medical care, pet insurance is a good investment.

There are many companies in the United States that offer affordable pet insurance. In most cases, the client pays for the veterinary bills up front and then submits a claim to the insurance company. The insurance company then reimburses the client for the cost of the veterinary services.

Before choosing your pet insurance, it is important to shop around. There are many different plans with many different options. Some have a deductible, others do not. With the wide variety of plans to choose from, you’re sure to find one that is right for both you and your pet.

Some insurance providers to consider are:

Pet Care Pet Insurance ProgramsPet Care Pet Insurance is endorsed by
(866) 275-PETS (7387)

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance
(866) 861-9092

Pet’s Best Insurance
(888) 899-0402

Embrace Pet Insurance
(800) 511-9172

Veterinary Pet Insurance
(800) 719-1302


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