ASPCA Takes a Stand Against Animal Cruelty


The ASPCA has just announced the first ever mobile crime unit for animal cruelty cases. This mobile crime scene investigation until will allow Dr. Melinda Merck to process any suspected crime scenes more quickly and efficiently. Not only does it have all the perks of a CSI unit, it also sports medical examination and surgical equipment for emergency procedures.

The $220,000 Ford F-450 was donated anomously and was customized by La Boit, Inc. The unit is 26 feet long, climate controlled and comes complete with its own generator. The van will be stationed in Georgia and be used for investigating puppy mills and dog fighting cases.


2 thoughts on “ASPCA Takes a Stand Against Animal Cruelty

  1. brooke clodt says:

    i love u guys i think that is so sweet and i wold love to help all the animals evey time i watch ur show i cry just to see them like that and i can not wait to help u guys out iam only 15 but i can not wait to be the age to help u guys

  2. Brooke,

    You can help animals, even at 15. You can volunteer at your local Humane Society or shelter. They are always in need of helping hands. You can also organize a supplies drive for the shelter. They can always use supplies.

    Good luck,

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