Socialization is important for your dog too

Socialization occurs when your dog is exposed to everything he needs to live a happy, well-adjusted life. This process includes not only other animals, but other people and situations as well. Exposing your dog to this variety of instances can help develop confidence and help him feel relaxed in most environments.

The crucial time for socialization occurs between 3 and 12 weeks, this doesn’t mean that it stops there though. Socialization should occur throughout your dog’s life. Socialization should begin with a puppy class and then a basic obedience class. This allows your dog to be around other dogs as well as other people.

By continuing socialization throughout your dog’s life, you can avoid aggression problems that can arise later. A dog that is properly socialized who is then left to his own vices without many opportunities to interact with other dogs and other people may become aggressive and frustrated. Trips to the dog park, vet, store, etc. are all part of having a happy well socialized dog. So get out, have a little fun and some play time!


2 thoughts on “Socialization is important for your dog too

  1. Kamon says:

    How do you begin to socialize an adult dog? Two years ago I adopted a shelter dog who doesn’t seem to like other dogs. She immediately nips at any dog who approaches her & gets within a foot of her. Thankfully, she’s fine with people. Fortunately she learned bite inhibition along the way and hasn’t hurt any other animals, but I’d like to help her learn how to play well with others. Suggestions?

  2. Lissa says:

    Hello, one area we need to address is the fear/stress she is having. I would recommend a DAP collar or spray for her. She needs to be acclimated very slowly to other dogs. This takes time and effort. If you have another dog in the house they need to be separated by a door. They need to know each other is there. You can feed each dog slowly away from the door gradually moving the food closer to eventually they are eating together but just the door separation. Slowly the door is replced by a gate. It takes patience but can be done. Anxiety drugs may also be needed.

    Dr. Rick Kesler
    Staff Veterinarian

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