15 Ways to Save Money on Pet Care

Breaking the Bank

We all love our pets and like for them to have the best, but how do you keep it from being so expensive. On average, caring for a cat costs $1500 annually and a dog $2000.

Here are a few tips to help you save money in the long run.

  1. Don’t buy expensive collars, beds, etc. Your dog doesn’t really care if he’s wearing designer sweaters and doggie collars. You don’t need a designer bed, why get one if your dog would rather sleep on your old comforter?
  2. See your vet annually. Preventative measures are the best way to avoid high vet bills.
  3. Feed your pet high quality pet food. Cheaper pet foods contain a lot of fillers that in the long run are not all that good for your pet. Also, feed your pet the right amount for his breed, activity level and age.
  4. Consider investing in pet insurance. Pet insurance can help save money if an unexpected emergency should arise.
  5. If you decide against pet insurance, save a pet emergency fund set up should something arise.
  6. Spay and neuter your pets. Spaying and neutering dramatically reduces the risks of some cancers such as breast, uterine and testicular cancers.
  7. Properly train your dog. A well socialized and trained dog has less risk of getting hit by a car or showing aggression toward other animals and humans.
  8. Shop around for pet supplies, medications and veterinarians. There are many options for online pet supplies, such as PetSupplies4Less.com.
  9. Learn to groom your pet yourself. Basic grooming is pretty straight-foward and easy to do. Ask your veterinarian about how to properly groom your pet.
  10. Regularly brush your pet’s teeth. With dental cleaning creeping up to $200 a visit at your vet, preventative care is the best way to avoid this cost. Keeping your pet’s teeth clean is as easy as a daily cleaning and brushing.
  11. Exercise your pet daily to avoid weight problems as well as behavior problems.
  12. Don’t be afraid to ask your vet for a discount or samples of medications.
  13. Attend garage sales. You can find toys, bowls, clippers, etc. all for less than buying new.
  14. Only get the vaccinations your pet really needs. Some vaccinations are required by law, but you can work with your veterinarian to determine which ones your pet really needs and which ones he doesn’t.
  15. Make your own pet treats and pet toys.

3 thoughts on “15 Ways to Save Money on Pet Care

  1. I’m a member and the savings are great, plus I have peace of mind knowing that if a serious accident or illness befalls my pet the insurance portion of the membership will be there for me.

  2. I love the idea about making your own pet toys. I find that I can go out and buy a $5.00 toy and the cat look at it and laugh, but when I take the ring off the gallon of milk, the cats come running. They know the sounds and they want to play with the ring. That is their toy…and they get a new one every week. 🙂

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