Homemade Cat Toys

Keeping your cat entertained is easy. There are plenty of things lying around your house that will entertain her for hours! Here are a few ideas for homemade cat toys:

  • Wadded up paper ball
  • Milk Jug Rings
  • Socks — Tie them in knots and fill with catnip
  • String, Ribbon, etc. (Use this under supervision, don’t want kitty to eat it)
  • Yarn Pom Poms
  • Old Baby Nipples (My cat is obsessed with these!! I guess they’re fun because they bounce.)
  • Cardboard Boxes with Holes Cut in Them
  • Jingle Bell in a Old Treat Canister
  • Crocheted Twisty Curls
  • Pipe Cleaner Spiders and Other Fun Animals (The kids can help make these too!)
  • Toilet Paper Tubes (You can do a lot with these! Add some string, beads, bells, etc.)

With a little bit of creativity and innovation, it’s easy to make toys your cat will love without paying pet store prices for toys. Make it a family project and the kids can have fun too!


9 thoughts on “Homemade Cat Toys

  1. terry says:

    yep! to all of the above. Here’s one I used to use:

    Glue 2 halves of a walnut shell back together — but with a jingle bell inside. Had a Siamese cat who was craaaazy about these.

  2. wgunderson says:

    Walnut shells are a great idea. Think I’ll try that one. Another idea on toys, keep extra toys(the ones that the cats aren’t currently playing with) stashed in a container with catnip. The cats get really excited when a new catnip charged toy gets put into the toy rotation.

  3. cat lover says:

    When i first got my cat i read the book Me and My Kitten by Kate Fordham it talks you through every thing like how will it look when its sick how huch should i feed her and how they should act i really recomend this book to every one who has a cat or is getting a cat/kitten.

    Thank You
    Cat Lover

  4. Alyssa Lowiec says:

    I made a cat toy and it was fabric sewn together with catnip inside. I would let him play with it by himself sometimes, but he enjoyed it a lot more when I tied string around it and would let him chase and attack “the prey”. He would get hyper and roll over and jump everywhere!

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