It’s A Sad Day

Miss Daisy Miss Daisy

My two kitties, Mister Bits and Miss Daisy have decided that after 10 months of being brother and sister, that they now hate each other. Mister Bits had to go to the vet again this morning for stitches (before we just thought that he had gotten into something and sliced his ear open — now we know the truth!). The vet said it was a pretty bad fight and it will probably only get worse. So, I’m left with the decision of giving Miss Daisy up for adoption or keeping her and trying to work it out — this of course could end up in more vet bills and tension between the two babies.

Miss Daisy is a sweet little Calico. She likes lap time and treats, which makes it surprising that she can be such a meanie to Bits, and he’s even twice her size. She is also standoffish with the baby, while Bits loves him to death.

Has anyone gone through this before, with a personality conflict and found a solution, if you have, please let me know what worked for you!


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