I’m Getting a New Kitten, What Do I Need?

You’ve decided to add a little fluffy ball of energy to your home, but you’re not sure what exactly you’ll need to welcome home the little ball of love. Here’s a list of the basic essentials that your new kitten will need.

  • High Quality Kitten Food — Name brand kitten food is best as it doesn’t contain the fillers that some store brands do. By feeding a high quality diet from the start, you can avoid future problems that a lesser quality cat food can bring about.
  • Litter Pan & Kitty Litter — The type of litter that you get depends on your preference as well as your kittens. A clumping litter makes cleaning and scooping the box a little easier, and you can also get flushable litter so you can put it right in the toilet and flush it away. There are also a variety of natural litters such as Feline Pine, Yesterday’s News and Sweat Scoop that are both cat and environmentally friendly. Your litter pan will also need to be low enough that your kitten can easily get in and out of it. As your kitten grows, you can transition to a box that has higher sides or is covered.
  • Cat Toys — A variety of toys will keep your kitten occupied for hours. Rotate them on a weekly basis so kitty will always have something new to play with.
  • Scratching Post — Teaching your kitten to use a scratching post early will save your furniture and a lot of headaches for you in the long run.
  • Food and Water Bowls
  • Comb & Brush — Introducing your to brushing early will help make it easier on both of you, and your kitten will enjoy the attention too.
  • Collar & ID Tags — Even if your kitten is going to be an indoor only cat, you should still have him wear a collar and ID tags, just in case he escapes. This way he can be identified and returned to you, should he get out.
  • Cat Bed — Although it might be hard to get your kitty to use his bed, when your bed is much more comfortable, you should get a cat bed. Giving him a warm, cozy bed to lay in will keep him warm when you’re not around to cuddle with.
  • Cat Toothbrush & Toothpaste — Introduce brushing to your cat’s routine early to avoid costly veterinarian visits for tooth related problems.
  • Veterinarian — Your kitten’s first trip to the veterinarian should be top priority. Getting a general wellness check as well as worming and vaccinations are an important part of your kitten’s health. You also want to make sure your kitten goes in for a check up each year to prevent disease.

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