Vacuuming Really Does Help Kill Fleas

I hope that everyone had a nice holiday! Welcome back!

A recent study conducted at Ohio State University has shown that vacuuming is an effective weapon in the fight against fleas. According to a news story on, vacuuming kills fleas in all life stages. “The OSU study, partially funded by the Royal Appliance Manufacturing Co. and detailed in a recent issue of the journal Entomologica Experimentalis et Applicata, involved vacuuming up groups of 100 adult fleas at a time, as well as groups of 50 pupae and 50 larvae, from a tightly woven kitchen-type carpet.” This experiment showed that 96% of the fleas that were vacuumed up were killed.

Not only is vacuuming a tool to keep your home clean, it is now a more natural way of ridding your house and your pet of fleas. This means that those bug bombs you have sitting in the cupboard aren’t really all that necessary. The use of a flea control spot on, such as Frontline Plus and vacuuming is the most effective way of controlling fleas.


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