Contaminated Pet Food Numbers Released

Recently, the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians released a survey saying that more than 300 animals have died from ingesting contaminated pet food earlier this year. The two contaminants, melamine and cyanuric acid, form crystals when brought together that can block the kidneys. Renal failure was the cause of death in most animals.

So does this mean that we should all shun manufactured pet food forever? Manufactured pet food provides your pet with a balanced diet that contains all of the essential vitamins and minerals. Feeding your pet a raw food diet can be daunting. Plus, how can you be sure that your pet is getting all of the vitamins and minerals that he needs?

Does anyone feed a raw food diet? Does it work for you? I would like to hear your stories.


4 thoughts on “Contaminated Pet Food Numbers Released

  1. I buy premium pet food for my dogs. When the scare come, my pet food was not on the list. But just to be cautious, I cooked all their food. They mainly ate chicken, brown rice and some sort of a green frozen vegetable (frozen vegetables have no salt). I cooked everything. They loved it. I think that diet was good for a short time, because as you said, I didn’t know if they received all of their vitamins and minerals. Of course, dogs in the wild just eat raw meat, whatever they can catch.

  2. I have prepared food for my dogs for over 20 years. I have been feeding raw for over 6 years. I truly feel that the natural raw diet is the best possible diet for your dog. I am the published author of “Real Dogs Don’t Eat Kibble!” and in the book, I explain why the this diet is the best. I tell which foods to feed and what to avoid. I also show how easy it is to make and store for you dog. I cover the supplements to use and when. I have a chapter on the top processed foods on the market today, for those who just don’t want to make the food. But, I strongly feel that the natural raw diet is the diet that nature intended for our dogs.

  3. hilaryrakover says:

    I feed a raw diet to my dog. I just posted about it on my blog,

    A raw diet has been the only thing that was able to regulate digestive issues my puppy was suffering from. Conventional veterinary medicine does deter pet owners from these types of diets, but we must remember that Hill’s, the manufacturers of Science Diet are one of the major funders of veterinary nutritional education. The pet food industry is just that, an industry designed for profit, not for the well being of our pets.

    There are a growing number of reputable companies taking the mystery out of raw feeding by assisting in supplements, feeding directions and suggestions for hygiene. Its a lot easier then I thought it would be and the results are truly astounding.

    I work with a group of people committed to canine and feline nutrition and in light of the pet food recall, we have been able to get the word out about many other great options for feeding, including locally made commercially prepared diets rather then mass produced foods, supplements, vitamins and other means of keeping your pet healthy.

    Thanks for bringing up raw diets, I hope they catch on with more pet owners and thousands of animals can benefit the way my pet has.

  4. I feed all my dogs a natural home prepared diet and have done for several years. The dogs are of various ages and breeds and all of them are fit and healthy with shiny coats and bundles of energy. My dogs have not visited a veterinary surgery at all in the past six years.

    The hardest part of changing from feeding commercial dog food was the time spent preparing their food but as with anything the more you do it the easier it gets. I buy in bulk (cuts down costs) blocks of pure frozen fish, chicken and tripe. I store these in a fridge that is kept in a shed outside. I thaw out what I will need for the following day. To this I add raw grated vegetables, rice or pasta. I have a friendly local butcher who keeps me supplyed with fresh meaty bones which the dogs are given every few days to keep their teeth in excellent condition. They also have eggs, sunflower oils, herbs and chopped fruit. I vary the ingredients on a daily basis to provide them with a well rounded balanced meal. Honestly this does not take up much time and it soon becomes a routine. Anyway by feeding a BARF type diet think of all the time you save from never having to visit the vet…

    To learn more about dog health visit:

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