It’s a New Year

Happy 2008 every one! Since this is the time that everyone makes New Year’s resolutions, I want you to share you and your pet’s resolutions. Be funny, be cute, make it fun!

My Resolutions:

  1. I promise, Mister Bits, that I will never let the food bowl get empty.
  2. I promise to always have a steady supply of crinkle balls and toliet paper.
  3. I promise that even though you have a fountain and water bowls, that you can still drink out of the faucet.

Mister Bit’s Resolutions:

  1. I promise to always rip the roll of toliet paper to shreds, should it happen to come off that holder thingy.
  2. I will keep your pillow and your head warm if it so pleases you.
  3. I will tear  thorough the house at all hours of the night meowing Thunderpaws!

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