Teach Your Dog or Cat to Lie Down

Teaching the “Down” command first, leads to other tricks suck as “Play Dead” and “Roll Over.” The Down command should follow the training to “Sit.” Once your pet has learned the sit command you can move on to the down command.

  1. First get your tasty treats ready. Pick a time when your pet is relaxed and willing to work.
  2. Give your pet the “Sit” command. When he sits, reward with a treat.
  3. Next, put a treat in your closed hand. Put your hand by his nose and let him smell the yummy treat. Lower your hand toward the floor while putting gentle pressure on your pet’s shoulders. When he gives in and lies down, praise him and reward him with the yummy treat.
  4. At first, your pet will probably get right back up. As training goes on, you can have him lie down for longer periods of time by withholding the treat and praise.
  5. Repeat the above steps until your pet catches on. You will want to keep training sessions short, no more than 5-10 minutes so that both you and your pet don’t get frustrated.

8 thoughts on “Teach Your Dog or Cat to Lie Down

  1. LOL, that’s about all I can get Mister Bits to do. He’s more than happy to rip the treat bag to shreds, but when it comes to working for them, he doesn’t want anything to do with it!

  2. I consider the down command to be ultimitley the most important of the four basic commands. A perfect down command may save your dogs life in an emergency situation.


  3. seccoya says:

    hi i have a dog called truffles he’s a chiwawa and he’s so cute but he just won’t lie down! i taught him to sit, but he can’t lie down! it’s so frustrating, plz help me!

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