Renting with Pets

You and I as pet owners know that if you live in rental housing it is near impossible to find a landlord that will allow pets. When you do find someone who will allow pets, they charge you a hefty deposit (that is usually non-refundable) and still tack on an extra $50-$100 to the monthly rent! So what do you do? Here’s a short guide to renting with pets.

Here’s a few tips:

  1. Bring up the possibility of having a pet when you meet the potential landlord in person.
  2. Prepare a fact sheet for each of your pets, including name, temperament, medical information, training, proof of spay/neuter, etc. Showing that you are a responsible pet owner, just might change the landlord’s mind.
  3. Give references for any past landlord that has allowed you to have pets.
  4. Invite the new landlord to meet the pet in your current residence, so they can observe his behavior and show that you clean up after him.
  5. Ask the new landlord if he would like you to sign a pet policy.
  6. Offer to pay a pet deposit for any damages that might occur.

So how do you find pet-friendly housing?
The easiest way to find pet-friendly housing is to contact the local humane society or SPCA. Most have a list of pet-friendly landlords in the area. If they do not, then start by calling smaller apartment communities and private landlords. They are most likely not run by a larger company and may be more open to allowing pets.

Have questions? Ask them!


One thought on “Renting with Pets

  1. My daughter has a Staffordshire Terrier and lives in an apartment! She has lived there for many years and can’t move because she can’t find another landlord that will take her dog. No matter how much she puts up. On apartments that willa accept pets, she has been declined because of her dog’s breed. Even though her dog is a sweet docile dog, it has a real bad reputation. Poor Mama (dog’s name).

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