Use dental chews to keep pet’s teeth healthy

If you’re a pet lover like me, you spend lots of time on pet web sites. Have you noticed that lots of pet sites are promoting February as National Pet Dental Health month? We do so much for our pets, but it’s pretty easy to overlook their dental health. Maybe you think that pet dental health is just about brushing their teeth, but did you know that there are treats on the market that can be almost as effective as actual tooth brushing. Just like brushing your pet’s teeth, using dental chews is an important part of any dental regime.

Which treats to chews (sorry, couldn’t help myself!)? Read the label, most of the products with added benefits for your pet’s oral health will say something like “freshens breath,” “cleans teeth and gums,” or identify themselves as “dental chews.” Dental chews help reduce tartar and plaque that can build up on your pet’s teeth between brushings. Most dental chews have some kind or raised bumps or grooves that both clean the teeth and massage the gums. They also have an overall texture that’s designed to help clean teeth as your dog or cat eats them.

Many dental treats are labeled for once daily use, so be sure to read the directions. One popular brand of dental chews is C.E.T. Chew-eez. C.E.T.’s feature the patented, exclusive Chlorhexidine System to remove plaque and prevent the buildup of tartar-forming bacteria. The dual-action enzymes help enhance your pet’s own oral defense mechanism. C.E.T. chews come in sizes for cats or dogs.

Greenies are another good brand of dental chew . Greenies have a unique shape, tailored to how your pet actually bites and chews. I like that Greenies come in lots of sizes, so that no matter what size your pet is, there is one that’s just right. And there is a Greenies for cats. My cats love them.

Dental toys are another way of keeping your pet’s teeth healthy and clean. The well known Kong brand toys are some of the best-selling dog toys on the market. Their hard rubber construction gives your dog a really good chewing surface and with most of them, you can stuff them with your dog’s favorite treats and keep him happy and chewing for hours!


3 thoughts on “Use dental chews to keep pet’s teeth healthy

  1. ORA HARDY says:

    Please help. NEED a GOOD NATURAL PRODUCT for tartar/plaque prevention. Don’t know what to believe. Understand the chlorhexidine is good. Can’t find much with more than 10 percent chlorhexidine.

    • Lissa says:

      Hi Linda,

      I asked our veterinarian about your question and this was his reply: anything nutritional can add to FUS because it is not only a nutritional problem but a enzyme defect. So that is why we restrict there diets to just food designed for that problem.

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