Teach Your Dog to Stay

Ok so you’ve mastered the sit command and the down command, great job! Now it’s time to teach your dog to sit or lie down for a short period of time. A perfect stay command is usually perceived as a sign of a well-mannered dog.

The stay command teaches your dog to maintain her position until you give her the ok to move. Got your tasty treats? Ok, let’s do it!

  1. Tell your dog to sit.
  2. Put your hand in front of your dog’s face and tell her “Stay.”
  3. Take a step back from your dog. Repeat, “Stay.”
  4. Wait a couple of seconds then return to your dog and say, “Ok.” Praise her, give her a treat and THEN let her move. If you give her the treat after she has moved, she will think that she is getting the treat FOR moving not for staying.
  5. Repeat this over the next few days. When your dog seems to have gotten the idea, you can increase the distance and the amount of time you have your dog stay. Start with the amount of time that she stays first, then you can increase the distance.

Stay will become old hat to her, boring, and easy as pie. Once you have mastered time and distance, then, put your hand in front of her face while saying stay and walk all the way around her. She may want to try to get up and go with you. If she attempts to get up, say “no, sit”, and push your hand in front of her again while saying stay. This will teach her that is it okay to be approached from all sides while she is in the stay position.


One thought on “Teach Your Dog to Stay

  1. Don’t know what’s wrong with Tinky. She sits, and stays for about maybe 5 seconds. Then it’s like she forgot something. This one is vying me for alpha dog position all the time.

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