Natural Dog Chews – What are Bully Sticks?

This post was inspired by a post over on 4urpets about Bully Sticks — it’s quite a funny story, check it out!!

Bully Sticks are a wildly popular natural dog chew, but many people don’t know what they are made of — some might stop giving them to their pets if they really knew! If you’re one of those people, you can stop reading now!

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s important to give your dog some natural chews, they help clean teeth and give them entertainment for awhile.

Bully Sticks are natural beef, they come in several different flavors and are available as sticks or braids. Bully Sticks are made from …..are you really ready for this?…..dried beef penis (pardon my French!).

Other natural dog chews that are available are hooves, ears, gullets, tracheas, etc.

So now that you know exactly what bully sticks are you can feel free to snicker every time you buy them! And you can buy great All Natural Bully Sticksfor dogs at


3 thoughts on “Natural Dog Chews – What are Bully Sticks?

  1. Michael Jordan says:

    You are correct. They are what you say they are and they are one of the most popular treats in the country. They are very high in protein and low in fat. They last a long time and dogs love them. There are various qualities of product from different countries. Make sure to buy from a reputable supplier.

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