Glucosamine & Your Pet’s Joint Health

Like humans, as our pets age, their joints and ligaments age too. They become stiff and painful, hampering your pet’s way of life. However, with treatment, these symptoms can be alleviated and your pet can regain mobility. By supplementing your pet’s diet with Glucosamine, you can help your pet maintain healthy joints and flexibility.

Glucosamine has long been known in Europe for its ability to relieve the pain and symptoms associated with arthritis and joint degeneration. It has recently become more popular in the United States and is now being used for joint health in pets.

What is Glucosamine?
Glucosamine is a building block of cartilage tissue. Cartilage, the tissue found at the ends of the bones and along the joints, is a sponge-like mass of cells that acts like a cushion to the joints. Glucosamine is found naturally in the body and is composed of glucose and an amino acid, glutamine. It helps produce glycosaminoglycan, which is used to build and repair cartilage and other tissues.

Which supplement?
There are a huge variety of Glucosamine supplements on the market today, both for humans and animals. The amount of Glucosamine per dose varies greatly between products.

Glucosamine is also often combined with Chondroitin. Chondroitin helps block enzymes that break down cartilage. Methysulfonyimethane or MSM, is also often combined with Glucosamine, it is known for its anti-inflammatory effects, which helps aid in relieving the pain of arthritis.

Glucosamine can be found in two different forms, Glucosamine Hydrochloride (HCl) and Glucosamine sulfate. They both work well in pets, however, the Glucosamine HCl is purer and provides more Glucosamine per unit weight.

Although you can use human Glucosamine for your pet, it is better to choose one that is specifically developed for animals as these products contain Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) that helps your pet more efficiently absorb the Glucosamine. offers a large variety of arthritis and joint care supplements, such as Cosequin, Glyco-Flex and SynoviCre. You’re sure to find the right supplement to fit your pet’s needs.


One thought on “Glucosamine & Your Pet’s Joint Health

  1. Hannah says:

    This year, my dog will celebrate her eleventh birthday. Although to me she will always be a puppy, I have to acknowledge that she will turn 77 in human years. The one thing that scares me the most about her upcoming birthday is that she will develop joint problems and won’t be able to do the activities that she loves the most. Her favorite activity is going out, she loves the attention, and I hope that she will be able to do that in the future. My vet told me I should start preventing future problems now by giving her short daily walks, feeding her more protein, and giving her supplements to strengthen her joints. Does anybody have any other suggestions to keep her healthy throughout her golden years?

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