Fashion Savvy – Kitty Wigs

We all know that some people like to dress up their dogs, but now more and more people are dressing up their cats. Yes, I said cats! There is nothing your fashion savvy kitty needs more than a kitty wig! I’m serious, you can get a wig for your cat.

Flash the Cat Modeling a White WigKitty Wigs* offers four different wigs to choose from. They come in pink, blonde, white and electric blue. Each wig arrives in its own metal carrying case along with a hair net and a mouse rattle. All for only $50.

Kitty Wigs is owned by Julie Jackson and her Siamese cat, Boone. After a stressful day, she would come home, put a wig on herself and Boone and dance around the room. Soon, she decided that her passion should be shared with others, so she founded

Not only that, twenty percent of her profits are donated to the ASPCA! Thank you Julie for supporting a good cause!

So if your cat is fashion savvy and doesn’t mind being dressed up. (This would never EVER fly with Mister Bits, he doesn’t even like collars!) Stop on over to Julie’s site and get your cat a Kitty Wig!

*Wigs and other cat clothing should always be worn under strict human supervision to prevent injury or accident ingestion of clothing parts.


3 thoughts on “Fashion Savvy – Kitty Wigs

  1. Looks like we’re nearing the end of the internet with this one. Wigs for cats? Sorry, but I have to draw the line somewhere. Has the TICA heard about this one yet? You think they’ll add a new class in the shows?

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