Why does my dog’s pee turn my lawn brown?

Lawn burn is a common problem for dog owners. Your perfectly green and lush lawn develops brown spots in the areas where your dog uses the bathroom. These brown spots are caused by the high concentration of nitrogen in your dog’s urine. When your dog urinates, it is like pouring pure nitrogen fertilizer on your lawn. While a little fertilizer is ok, an excess can cause nitrogen burn, which is why the grass turns brown.

Female dogs and large dogs are more likely to cause lawn burn because of the amount of urine present at one location. Large dogs obviously have larger bladders, so there is more urine present. Also, female dogs tend to empty their bladders completely, while males lift their legs in several places to mark their territory.

Dogs that are fed a high protein diet release more nitrogen than other dogs, which can increase the chances of lawn burn. If your lawn has been under stress, like a drought or reseeding, it can also make it more likely to get lawn burn.

How do I get rid of lawn burn?
There are several different ways in which you can help your lawn come back to green. Some examples are:

  1. Feed your dog a high quality dog food that doesn’t exceed his or her protein requirements.
  2. After your dog urinates, saturate the area with water to dilute the nitrogen.
  3. Encourage your dog to drink more water. This will also help dilute the nitrogen in his urine. You can try getting a pet fountain. The running water often encourages your pet to drink more water.
  4. You can also set up an area out of the way or a rocky patch for your dog. Then you can train him or her to use that spot has his bathroom spot.
  5. You can give your dog a supplement that helps reduce the amount of nitrogen in his or her urnie, such as Green Ums or Grass Guard Tablets.

2 thoughts on “Why does my dog’s pee turn my lawn brown?

  1. VA says:

    I really dont know whta you all are feeding you dogs and cats. I’ve had both for years and wherever they defficate, my grass turns dark emerald green. I’ve never had brown spots from my dogs and cats.

    • Taralee says:

      I would love for you to tell us what breed of dogs you have and what you are feeding them.

      I personally have a Shiba Inu and i feed him very high quality food (Acana – Pacifica). When i had him on Solid gold …it seemed that there wasn’t as many spots on my lawn, however i did have quite a few more trees than my new home has and i know he peed on the trees alot.

      I have heard that giving the dog brewers yeast helps with spots, i also heard that tomato paste, and baking soda help also….however would love to hear from others to see if anyone else has had positive results.

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