DogPause – Healthy Dog Bowl

The DogPause dog bowl is made by Long Tail Pet Products in Evergreen, CO. “While advances have been made in what dogs are being fed — from organic to raw diets — little attention has been given to how dogs eat,” said John Funk, president of Long Tail Pet Products.
“Our bowl redefines what it means for a dog to ‘eat healthy.” Recommended by vets and proven in clinical trials, the bowl’s design slows eating to reduce effects of fast-eating such as choking, vomiting, gas, and even life-threatening bloat. The dog bowl’s four feeding zones serve as SlowZonesTM that reduce the dog’s ability to gulp down food quickly, and also provide an integrated means of portion control as each SlowZone is half a cup in size.

The DogPause dog bowl was invented by Nancy Kerrigan. Nancy heard her dog gag one time too many, and had an idea to divide the bowl into smaller “feeding zones” and add a fun element to the bowl in the center. Her dog couldn’t get her entire face into the bowl, and as a result, ate more slowly.

The DogPause dog bowl slows down the pace of eating and aids with portion control in the following ways:

  • Divides the bowl into 4 feeding zones
  • Each feeding zone is 1/2 cup in capacity and designed to “block” the dog from putting his full snout into the bowl; this slows down eating pace as your dog needs to use his tongue for each bite
  • After your dog finishes each zone, he must re-position himself for the next zone
  • The bowl is designed to slide a little on the floor, further slowing down the dog as he needs to re-position for each bite

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