Flying with Your Pet Just Got Pricier

On July 15, Continental Airlines increase their charge to $125 one way for your pet to travel in-cabin. ONE WAY, that’s $250 round trip!! PLUS, if you don’t have a kennel, the charge you another $55 on top of that each way. Oh, and if you have your pet, you can’t bring a carry-on with you either. From their web site:

Effective July 15, 2008, the in-cabin pet fee will increase to $125 USD per kennel, each way ($250 for roundtrip travel). The fee will apply to any customers purchasing the in-cabin service on or after July 15, regardless of ticket date.

Ok, I understand that bringing a pet is a privilege and that some fee should be charged, but $125?! That’s more that some tickets for people. I highly doubt that a 20 lb dog weigh enough to cause them to use an extra $125 in fuel.

Continental isn’t the only one charging outrageous fees. American Airlines charges $150 for a checked pet and $100 for an in-cabin pet. Delta allows your pet to travel in-cabin for a $100, while checking the kennel is a $200 fee.

Do you think these prices are fair? Will you still travel by air with your pet? Let me know what you think!


3 thoughts on “Flying with Your Pet Just Got Pricier

  1. Years ago, whilst sitting in a plane waiting to take off, I saw pets in carriers being loaded aboard the plane. The ground crew were tossing the small carriers to each other as they were about 10 feet apart … after seeing that I vowed never to put an animal through that experience! Maybe things have improved since then??

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