Cat Food Flavor Judged by Humans

I co-worker of mine sent over an article about a tasting panel that was done for cat food, with humans as the tasters. I do admit I was a little grossed out by it, but isn’t cat food just cooked fish and ‘bits? Dr. Gary Pickering, who normally compares the flavors of wine decided on this taste test because “he believes it might enable manufacturers to understand why your cat favors certain foods. While manufacturers conduct trials to see what felines prefer, it’s difficult to know exactly which flavors or textures the kitties are responding to, he explains.”

Now, I understand where they are coming from, but according to an article at Columbia Animal Hospital, “It appears, cats have a greater sensitivity to taste than people. They have about twice the number of smell receptors in their nasal passage the humans and have different culinary preferences.” So, if their sense of taste and smell is more heightened than a humans, I don’t see how this taste test can make a difference.

The article goes on to state, “Cats appear to be sensitive to the taste of water itself. While humans generally consider water to be tasteless, cats show a high sensitivity to natural variations in water flavor. This may explain why certain cats are picky in their drinking habits.” Which if they can taste the subtle differences in water (which explains a lot with my kitties) and humans can’t then how can we even compare our tastes to theirs?

What is your opinion? Do you think humans can be an accurate judge of a cat’s taste? Tell me what you think!


One thought on “Cat Food Flavor Judged by Humans

  1. Hmmmm. How strange. So if cats have a heightened sense of taste, especially with water…why does mine like to drink water out of the slimey fish pond?
    I don’t think humans can accurately decide what cats will like by tasting it because, well, cats are cats and people are people!

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