Pet Funeral Homes?

We all love our pets, but having a full-service funeral home for them? You’re kidding right? Nope, a pet funeral home has opened in Orchard Park, New York. Joe Wales and his wife, Mona, own the funeral home. The funeral home offers, pet caskets, urns, funeral and memorial services, cremation and a grief support group. The Wales’ have even included plans for a pet cemetery in Chestnut Ridge Park.

Would you use a funeral home for pets? Why or why not?


4 thoughts on “Pet Funeral Homes?

    • Lissa says:

      I haven’t found an actual compiled list of pet funeral homes, but you can try googling pet funeral homes and your location.

  1. Really To many owners, the loss of a pet takes on the same importance as the loss of any other member of the family.Some may not understands the profound sense of loss that one feels when their pet dies.They specialize in individual pet funeral home ceremonies including creamations.

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