DenHaus – Comfy Dog Hideaways that Compliment Any Decor

DenHaus is a family-owned business from Seattle, Washington. It was founded by Sarah & Chris Pierce. They spent many years remodeling their house and wanted a crate for their dog that was both functional and stylish. In 2005, they began selling the TownHaus. The TownHaus is a traditional designed classic end table, but doubles as a hideaway for your pet. It is available in two sizes and two colors, espresso and mahogany. It also has a removable slatted door.

The ZenHaus, another of its more modernly designed products is a sleek oval shaped crate that is handcrafted by artisans in polished fiberglass and comes in four vibrant colors. The ZenHaus is topped by an opaque, shatterproof glass insert that is not only attractive, but brings in light.

Their third product, the BowHaus (and my personal favorite), has a touch of retro flair with its bubble-sided metallic design. It has a curved door that can be slid closed when you want to crate your pet.


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