Product Review: Pledge Fabric Sweeper

pledgeThe Pledge Fabric Sweeper for pet hair is a multi-use disposable sweeper that lifts and collects pet hair from pretty much any surface. According to the Pledge web site, one Pledge™ Fabric Sweeper picks up as much pet hair as 145 sticky roller sheets! Wow! But does it really work?

The answer is YES! We have a hunter green couch and it’s covered in white cat hair from our Calico. Since our vacuum attachment broke, we’ve been trying to find something that works to get all the hair up. Skeptically, we bought the Fabric Sweeper. We took it home and decided to give it a try.

You roll the Fabric Sweeper back and forth across the surface (pulling it tight if its a loose fabric) and the rollers trap the hair and store it in the clear plastic unit. You can see it actually picking up the hair. So furniture, check!

What about clothes? My husband was wearing a black sweatshirt so I promptly retrieved the cat and told her to go to town! Black sweatshirt covered in white cat hair, check! Worked like a charm! Better than sticky tape rolls!

Overall, I’d give it an A- it would be better if you could just take it apart, empty it and start over!


8 thoughts on “Product Review: Pledge Fabric Sweeper

  1. goober says:

    i’ve read so many hapy reviews about this product that i need to try it as soon as possible. i use a staple in the shipping industry called “packing list envelopes” (they stick onto boxes and invoices are found inside) to remove pet hair from fabric. people think it’s a weird idea but it does the job

  2. Andy says:

    I understand why products like this are so popular; but since Dinovite we don’t need products like this…Dinovite stops the shedding all together.

  3. lucy says:

    05/22/09 We use Dinovite and the dog has stopped shedding and when the
    weather is cold she can come in the house she is an outside dog but I do let her in when the weather is bad since she does not shed this stuff is a
    blessing for us check it out for yourself at

  4. I have a dog(Pomeranian) and a cat(not sure what she is she was a stray) and you would think that I would have hair everywhere. Well I did until I found a product called Dinovite. I have no more hair all over my house. No more sweeping, No more brushing and NO MORE HAIR. Its a great product.

  5. Kathleen Darlington says:

    I Use Dinovite, and My dog Lily Doesn’t shed at all either, he sleeps in the beds, and sits on the furniture with us, it really works! a few scoops a day in her food, and we hardly have to vacuum 🙂

  6. Anne says:

    I would recommend using Fur-Zoff for removing pet hair to anyone who is a fan of eco-friendly pet products. Its lasts forever and you can find it at their website for abtou $10. Hope this is helpful!!

  7. ashley says:

    When I saw the commercial for this product I did not plan on trying it because I have a great vacuum cleaner with attachments that really work. However, I couldn’t resist the temptation when I found a $1 off coupon. I bought it, but in no way had my hopes up that it would really be effective. Boy was I surprised! It works great! Finally, something that really works. Its great for when I don’t have time to drag out the vacuum. I’ve used it daily since I bought it.

    I’ve heard some complain that its not “green enough”. However, I just read a review that said the rollers pop out easily with a butter knife so you can just empty it and reuse it.

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