Your Pet Questions Answered!

I’ve conned asked our vet to answer reader questions, so if you have a question about your pet, ask them here! We will do our best (and within applicable laws) to get you answers.


5 thoughts on “Your Pet Questions Answered!

  1. r buller says:

    i have two boston terriers.they are always licking the bedspread when they lay on it .is something missing in their diet?

  2. Mary says:

    Why is my cat going everywhere but the litter tray? She’s always been really good, but, for this past month she’s been going everywhere. She is 8 and I have had her since she was 6 wks old. I have never had this problem. Help!

  3. TJmaxx says:

    My Rotti seams to have had a stroke or somethinge of that nature. The vet I took him to took blood and said it came back claer. He Prescribed Phenobarbital. It has been 2wks. Cugo, rotti, is very unquardenated, lack of energy, and cranky. His appatite is good. He’s around 6-7, 120 lbs. Any ideas?

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