Welcome to Tummy Scratch, PetSupplies4Less.com’s pet blog! PetSupplies4Less strives to not only give our customers the best in pet products, but also advice on the care of your pet. We’ve created this blog as a forum for our customers to come for the latest in information and tips in pet health and wellness.

Pet Supplies 4 Less is a wholesale distributor of animal health care products, medications, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals. At Pet Supplies 4 Less, we are pet lovers, just like you . . . with a deeply-rooted passion for premium animal care and superior pet products.

Our founders and staff understand what an incredible difference good nutrition, quality health care, and outstanding accessories make in allowing pets to be happier and lead longer, healthier lives. We believe that enhancing pet and owner relationships not only adds quality of life for our animals, but contributes to a greater sense of pride and satisfaction in pet ownership.

Our philosophy is to provide superior products and equated professional services that will improve the lives and well-being of companion animals and their owners. Knowledge is power, and part of our drive stems from the determination that the more quality information we provide on pet-related topics, the more we empower our customers.

Our continuing determination ensures that we make available a centralized resource of information and individualized service for pet owners. Our goal is to be equated with honesty, integrity, and reliability. We gladly stand behind the commitments we make and the products we sell. Additionally, we strive to provide sensitivity and respect to all with whom we deal, in everything we do. We take pride in being a company where all customers, no matter how large or small, feel that they are our number one priority.

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