AKC Releases Top Ten Dog List for 2007

Recently, the AKC release its list for the top ten most popular dog breeds of 2007. Actually, to me none of them are surprising. They are all considered good family dogs.

They are:
1. Labrador Retriever
2. Yorkshire Terrier
3. German Shepherd Dog
4. Golden Retriever
5. Beagle
6. Boxer
7. Dachshund
8. Poodle
9. Shih Tzu
10. Bulldog

How do you know what breed of dog is right for you? There are a few factors to consider when looking at different breeds. Also, it is important to do your research before choosing a dog breed and also a breeder.

Things to consider when deciding what breed of dog to get:

  • Temperament
  • Size
  • Coat and Grooming Needs
  • Male or a Female
  • A Puppy or an Adult
  • Health, including diseases/conditions that the breed is prone to

If you are interested in more information on a certain breed of dog, you can check out the AKC’s website at http://www.akc.org/

What’s My Dog? Now You Can Know!

Mars Veterinary Products has introduced the Mars Wisdom Panel MX Mixed Breed Analysis Test, which is a doggie DNA test. This test will tell you what breeds make up your mutt pup. Developed with Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, the Wisdom Panel can determine the heritage of even the most complex dog.

Mars & Waltham worked together to identify more than 300 genetic markers that help determine which pure breeds are present in the mixed breed of the dog. They have also defined the genetic signatures that are distinct to each breed recognized by the American Kennel Club. These genetic markers were determined by examining blood samples from more than 13,000 dogs in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

By looking at specific combinations of genetic variations at various sites, the Wisdom test can determine the presence of a particular breed in a dog’s family tree. This is referred to as a breed signature and the further back a breed was introduced in a dog’s family tree, the smaller the portion of the breed signature.

How does the test work?
Your veterinarian will take a small blood sample during a routine visit. It will be sent into the Mars Laboratory, where it is analyzed and in two to three weeks, you will receive the results and a customized report about the breeds present in your dog’s family tree. It will give you detailed information about each breed’s physical and behavioral characteristics.

Why would this test help me?
By determining the background of your pup, you can get a better understanding of his behavior characteristics and quirks. You can also use this information to work with your veterinarian to provide your dog with the proper diet as well as proper preventative care for certain breed-specific diseases and conditions.

How much does the test cost?
The cost of the test is determined by your veterinarian, but can range anywhere from $100-$200.

Whether or not you decide to get the test is up to you, but personally, I think it is pretty cool!