How to give your dog the boot

Your dog loves to go for rides, but he’s a holy terror when it comes to getting out of the car. Sound familiar? You stop the car, get ready to let the dog out and when you open the door, he’s off like a bullet into busy traffic with no need to listen or come back. What can you do to stop this?

Woman Driving with dogA car ride on top of a new place can make any dog excitable, so how do you control him? It really is pretty easy to keep Fido under control. There are a few things that you can do to make it easier to unload the dog.

The first thing you can do is to invest in a car seat or a car harness. These attach to your seat belt system and keep Fido secure while giving him the ability to move enough to lay down or look out the window. If you would like to confine your dog to the back area of your SUV, you can also invest in a vehicle barrier that will keep him from climbing in your lap while you are driving.

You also want to keep your dog’s leash on him while he is in the car. You don’t have to tie it to anything, but have it there so if he tries to make a quick get-away you can snatch the leash and take him under control.

Now, this time when you open the door, stand in front of it, blocking your dog. Do not let him out of the car until he focuses on you and is calm. When he has calmed down, step out of the way with leash in hand and say, “Let’s go.” This is his cue that he can exit the car. It is very important that you don’t let him out of the car until he calms down. He will learn that being calm gets him out into the world faster.

See, isn’t that easy!