QuickFinder Pet Nail Clipper

The QuickFinder nail clipper uses sensors to detect the differences in your pets nail that tell you where the live blood of your pet’s quick is and where the dead skin of the nails or claws is located. The QuickSensor gives you visual cues of when it is safe to clip your pet’s nails. The lights indicate when to clip with its red, yellow and green sensors. Red tells you not to cut, yellow tells you to be cautious and green means its safe to cut.

QuickFinder Pet Nail Clipper

QuickFinder Pet Nail Clipper

We all know how important trimming your pets nails can be and this looks like a much easier way to get it done safely, for both you and your pet. What is your experience with the QuickFinder Nail trimmer?


Reality TV’s Gone to the Dogs

We all know there is an over abundance of reality TV shows right now. Well now Animal Planet has jumped on the reality train with Groomer Has It. Groomer Has It is a competition between 12 dog groomers for the title of Groomer of the Year, a mobile grooming truck and $50,000. The show is hosted by Jai Rodriguez from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. It’s a battle between the celebrity dog groomers and the “other guys.”

The groomers are judged by veterinarian Dr. Karen Halligan, champion dog handler Xavier Santiago and leading U.S. grooming expert Joey Villani will decide which contestant does not make the cut. (Hahaha “cut!” pun intended). They are some tough cookies to impress. They are really straight foward and let you know exactly how they feel.

The entire show is filled with dog puns, they live in the “Dog House” when they get in the bottom two, they “Return to the Dog House with their tails between their legs.” The show is like a train wreck, you know you should, but you can’t look away.

But, that’s just my opinion, so watch it for yourself and let me know what you think.

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