Your Pet Questions Answered!

I’ve conned asked our vet to answer reader questions, so if you have a question about your pet, ask them here! We will do our best (and within applicable laws) to get you answers.


Pet Medical Alert Tags

We know that living with a pet with a medical condition can be hard. You worry that if he gets lost he will not get the proper care that he needs if something should happen. There is a way to help calm your worries.

Pet Health Alert is offering free Medical Alert Tags for your pet. These are similar to the ones they have for humans and will let anyone know who finds your pet that he has a medical condition. They offer:

  • FREE custom engraved Pet Medical Alert Tags to give instant alerts for life-threatening pet medical conditions
  • FREE National Pet Health Registry – a safe and secure Service to update, access, store, and retrieve a pet’s medical history, emergency contact information and photo
  • FREE access to critical pet medical and emergency information from any Internet-connected computer – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – to anyone finding a lost pet.

The tag is free, but you do have to pay the shipping charge, which is $3.00 per tag.

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