Product Review: Pledge Fabric Sweeper

pledgeThe Pledge Fabric Sweeper for pet hair is a multi-use disposable sweeper that lifts and collects pet hair from pretty much any surface. According to the Pledge web site, one Pledge™ Fabric Sweeper picks up as much pet hair as 145 sticky roller sheets! Wow! But does it really work?

The answer is YES! We have a hunter green couch and it’s covered in white cat hair from our Calico. Since our vacuum attachment broke, we’ve been trying to find something that works to get all the hair up. Skeptically, we bought the Fabric Sweeper. We took it home and decided to give it a try.

You roll the Fabric Sweeper back and forth across the surface (pulling it tight if its a loose fabric) and the rollers trap the hair and store it in the clear plastic unit. You can see it actually picking up the hair. So furniture, check!

What about clothes? My husband was wearing a black sweatshirt so I promptly retrieved the cat and told her to go to town! Black sweatshirt covered in white cat hair, check! Worked like a charm! Better than sticky tape rolls!

Overall, I’d give it an A- it would be better if you could just take it apart, empty it and start over!

Shedding Season is Right Around the Corner — Get Out Your Furminators!

Now before I started working at PetSupplies4Less, I had no idea what a Furminator was, all I knew was that I brushed my cat with a slicker brush. Now don’t get me wrong a slicker brush works good, but that is nothing compared to the Furminator. We’re talking fur the size of an entire cat here folks!

The Furminator looks kind of like a clipper blade with a handle. It has short tines that pull away dead hair from your pet’s undercoat, leaving a nice shiny coat. The brush is very well made of durable plastic with a metal comb. The ergonomic handle makes it easy and comfortable to use. It is also available in a variety of sizes, so you can get the one that works best for your pet. Plus, according to the Furminator web site, it reduces shedding by 90% — yes 90%!!

Their web site also shows video demonstrations of the tool in action, you won’t believe how much hair comes off these pets! Go on over and check it out.

All I can say is that I’m very happy with my Furminator and the cats love to be brushed with it. What is your experience with the Furminator? Do you like it?

Want to try one? Get a Furminator today at!