Forever Preservation of your Pet

Animal Mummies

I saw a show on National Geographic the other day, to be honest, it kinda creeped me out. For a video, click here. The show highlights a mummification of pets done by Summum a company out of Utah. As everyone probably knows, mummification dates back to Egypt where not only people, but animals were also mummified. It was part of their religion and common practice, but modern day mummies. I just don’t know what to think.

From Summum’s web site:

The Summum science of Mummification revives the ancient art of wrapping the body and treating it with oil, while Transference aids the journey of your pet’s essence to its next destination. When the Mummification and Transference are complete, we place your pet within a bronze Mummiform and rejoin you with your beloved companion. Your cherished friend has been transformed, as the caterpillar to a butterfly, in the promise of another tomorrow.

Now I know some people are greatly bonded with their pets, but for the price of mummification are you that bonded? Plus, what happens to your pet after you pass away? Who is going to take care of your mummy dog?

What do you think about mummifying your pet? Would you do it? Why?

Doggy Disneyland

Doggy Disneyland is not a themepark, in a sense. It’s more like doggy heaven. Stephen Huneck, has turned his passion for dogs into a successful business that dog lovers flock too. His hand-sculpted wooden pieces are whimsical and fun. His Dog Chapel celebrates the bond that people have with their pets and it really is a very touching idea. Pets are part of the family, even considered as children for some. This bond can’t be understood by anyone who has never had a pet.

If I ever get to Vermont, this is one place that I would really like to visit. It sounds very beautiful and I love the artwork that I have seen. It’s whimsical, just my style. If anyone has been there, I’d love to hear your experiences. It sounds like a wonderful place!

Some good comes out of the Michael Vick Horror

I read a really touching news story about how one of Michael Vick’s dogs has been adopted and given a loving home. Here’s the story:

His back resting comfortably against her chest, Hector nestles his massive canine head into Leslie Nuccio’s shoulder, high-fiving pit bull paws against human hands.

The big dog — 52 pounds — is social, people-focused, happy now, it seems, wearing a rhinestone collar in his new home in sunny California.

But as Hector sits up, deep scars stand out on his chest, and his eyes are imploring.

“I wish he could let us know what happened to him,” says Nuccio, the big tan dog’s foster mother.

Hector ought to be dead, she knows — killed in one of his staged fights, or executed for not being “game” enough, not winning, or euthanized by those who see pit bulls seized in busts as “kennel trash,” unsuited to any kind of normal life.

Instead, Hector is learning how to be a pet.

For the rest of the story, click here.

It’s a New Year

Happy 2008 every one! Since this is the time that everyone makes New Year’s resolutions, I want you to share you and your pet’s resolutions. Be funny, be cute, make it fun!

My Resolutions:

  1. I promise, Mister Bits, that I will never let the food bowl get empty.
  2. I promise to always have a steady supply of crinkle balls and toliet paper.
  3. I promise that even though you have a fountain and water bowls, that you can still drink out of the faucet.

Mister Bit’s Resolutions:

  1. I promise to always rip the roll of toliet paper to shreds, should it happen to come off that holder thingy.
  2. I will keep your pillow and your head warm if it so pleases you.
  3. I will tear  thorough the house at all hours of the night meowing Thunderpaws!

I want to hear your pet stories!

Tell me what your pet does that makes you happy. What has he done that has made you laugh for hours? Does he have any quirks? I want to hear your stories!For me, my cat, Mister Bits loves to play in the bathtub. Not only with water, but because we have a cast iron one and its slippery. He will tear through the house and jump in the tub and slide down the side. Then he’ll chase his tail and slide down the side again. If I’m in there, he’ll sit and beg for me to turn the water on so he can splash it every where. He’s started to teach my calico, Miss Daisy to do it too!